We are physicians, surgeons, anesthetists, nurses and technicians. We have decided to donate our time and expertise to give health assistance and aid in Ethiopia, one of the poorest countries in the world.
Here infant mortality is extremely high and many die of malnutrition.
Since 2002 we work with the humanitarian organisation Lazio Chirurgia in order to treat the most urgent medical disorders, to save lives, to improve the health of men, women and children.
We strive to give an efficient heath scheme. We believe that our purpose is not only that to provide high quality care but also to help qualify local staff.
We are all voluntary workers.  All donations go entirely into funding projects, missions, equipment, drugs and training so as to have the greatest impact on the quality of life in the areas where we operate.



Prof Giovan Battista Grassi

Ex Coordinator of Oncology Department and ex Director of General and Oncological Surgery Unit - ASL RM1


Dott. Giorgio Pasquini

Ex Director of  Surgery Department - S. Spirito Hospital - ASL RM1


Dott. Mario Valle

Surgeon,  Digestive  Oncological Surgery Unit - IRE ISG-Roma


Dott. Nicola Apice, Dott. Marco Catarci, Tina Del Curatolo, Walter Di Bartolomeo, Dott. Claudio Gambetta, Dott. Giuseppe Giannini, Mauro Lucarelli, Dott. Stefano Mancini, Elena Pasquini, Dott. Carlo Pietrantuono, Dott. Giovanni Senni, Teodora Tosti.

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