Lazio Chirurgia is affiliated with  the Italian-Ethiopian organisation  H.E.W.O.  (Modena), which operates in Eritrea and Ethiopia as a medical, educational and social humanitarian organisation.

Together with  H.E.W.O. Modena we have developed health care units as well as other initiatives having high social impact.



Among these we have:


  • financed, designed, built and fully equipped a new operating theatre;

  • built a new surgical recovery room which enhances the hospital's social and health units;

  • created training and educational opportunities to reintegrate ex patients;

  • implemented electrical and water resources and installed safety measures;

  • built a new water reservoir and cattle shed:

  • increased the number of children admitted to the kindergarten from 40 to 160;

  • developed agricultural and food processing laboratories for fruit and vegetable preserves as well as pasta and bread making;

  • started up a knitwear laboratory and professional school. All income from the clothing production is devolved to sustain the community;

Following H.E.W.O.'s philosophy we also believe that health is not only absence of disease.

Education, work, play and basic rights contribute to total well being.

The kindergarten, the  oven, the knitwear laboratory, the agriculture project, the water reservoir, the cattle stable, the chicken run, are all an integral part of a health aid project, as much as is an operating theatre.

Garbò Village

For some years Lazio Chirurgia has developed a health aid scheme giving medical assistance and building a kindergarten in Garbò village, Oromia, about 130 km south of Addis Abeba. This is funded by  H.E.W.O. Bagnoregio.

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