Since 2004 Lazio Chirurgia's volountary health workers – doctors, surgeons, nurses, anesthetists and technicians –  have made 96 missions to the H.E.W.O. HOSPITAL in Quihà, Mekele (North Ethiopia).  In the past few years we have extended our activities to Garbò village in Oromia region. This lies about 130 km South of Addis Abeba. Almost 170 medical professionals from different parts of Italy have participated to missions. The number of surgical operations gradually increased up to the current 400 per year. Goiter is now the most treated disease.


Azmera, a life on Quihà's sick people side

When there was no border between Ethiopia and Eritrea, many people moved from Tigray towards North, towards sea or the highlands where the Queen of Saba is told to give birth to Menelik I, the Solomon's son....Quando ancora non esisteva un confine a separare Etiopia ed Eritrea, in molti dal Tigrai si spostavano verso Nord, verso il mare o verso quella regione dell’altopiano dove si racconta che la regina di Saba avesse dato alla luce il figlio di Salomone, Menelik I. 


“And the mountain-peaks are asleep and the ravines,

the headlands and the torrent-beds,

all the creeping tribes that the black earth nourishes,

the wild animals of the mountains, the race of bees,

and the monsters in the depths of the surging sea;

and the tribes of long-winged birds are asleep.


I am the only one that is not sleeping, and I do not know why.  I am usually the last to go to bed, but that does not help. It's 3 a.m. Here I am wide awake in my room, number 2,  and ready to start the day. ...

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