Laboratory Diagnostics Project

Supervisor: Dr. Claudio Gambetta

A small laboratory serves the medical needs at HEWO Hospital. This include diagnostics of infectious diseases and parameter determination for monitoring the most common infections present in the Tigray region. It also covers the primary level requests for surgery, medical and paediatric activities. It is situated in one of the two arms extending from the central hospital unit, where the TB and leprosy medical clinic is situated. Personell consist of two laboratory technicians employed by HEWO.   

Most equipment, as well as relative supplies for replacements, reagents and spare parts are donated by Italian volunteers. Given that we have encountered great difficulties in getting technical assistance for repairing breakdowns and substituting spare parts, we chose the most simple and robust equipment. This is an optimal choice as higher level equipment would be economically unsustainable given the small number of health service requests.

It is however, foreseeable that the Laboratory will need a better location, to employ health workers  and to buy more equipment as the regional health situation evolves.

We are evaluating a proposal for a new building to house the Diagnostics Laboratory. The cost can only be met by significant contributions by volunteers, friends and supporters.

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