Dentistry Project

Supervisor: Dr. Giuseppe Giannini

HEWO's dental project began in 2008 with doctor Karel Decaessteckr a Belgian working in Rome.

This is when the first dental cures began.

Ethiopia has no public dental health care and the population does not have the means to cover the costs of private assistance.

This project has been developed by many dentists from various Italian regions, among which my dear friend Luca Marconi from Mestre, as well as colleagues from Umbria, Emilia, Campania,  and other regions.

Currently, Hewo has two dental wards, one at Hewo Hospital in Quihà and the other in Garbo. Both hospitals have outdated integral dental units (comprising the chair and the dental equipment).

Tigray Health Bureau has assigned a part-time young local dentist at Quihà, whereas, for  a year and a half  there  has been no trained personnel at Garbo clinic.  

A new dental ward equipped with two dental units will be installed in the new maternal complex in construction at Quihà Hewo Hospital. The equipment was donated by doctor Pietro Ceccobelli thanks to our friend Mauro Lucarelli. It has been sent to Quihà and is ready to be installed.

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